Crossing the ocean on a tall ship in six months, while doing your schoolwork.

At School at Sea, everything comes together. You navigate, cook, clean, sail, take tests, evaluate, organise expeditions, take charge and work together. School, sailing, expeditions and teamwork are combined into one big adventure.

You will discover that there is only one person who can make this adventure truly unforgettable: you.


Sailing a three-masted vessel across the ocean is no small feat. It takes knowledge, but also responsibility, leadership and team spirit. The main sail does not raise itself and it’s too much work for one person!

The School at Sea sail training programme focusses on cooperation, planning and delegation. You will learn more about navigating, sailing and the lines as you go along. Even the engine room will reveal its secrets: you will discover how the water maker works, what the generator does and what all those other things down there do.


School at Sea is starting its tenth year and we know what students on board go through. At first you might be a little insecure, you might struggle with your schoolwork or you might even be a little homesick. All this is completely understandable and normal.

It is quite something after all. You’re far from home, doing your own laundry, cooking for 50 people, studying independently without your own teachers and sailing and cleaning the ship. All this, every hour of every day, for six months!

Slowly, this will become the new “normal”. You learn to deal with setbacks and things come more naturally. You find out what works best for you.

Six months. One ship. Twelve thousand nautical miles. Unforgettable.


The qualified and experienced crew – captain, mates, deckhands, teachers, cooks – are always there and ready to help. Just ask!

It is your responsibility. It is your world that you share with 35 other students. You shape that world. Trust us: you can do it.