12.000 nautical miles in six months!

You will leave the Netherlands in mid-October and head southwest. Sailing the English Channel in autumn is always a challenge. Depending on wind and weather, the captain may decide to stop in France, England or Spain to wait for more favourable conditions.

The first official destination is the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife. Here you will climb el Teide, the volcano responsible for creating the island. From there, your journey takes you further south to the western edge of Africa. On São Vicente, one of the islands in the Cabo Verde archipelago, you will buy fresh fruit and vegetables to last the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to Dominica. Here you will hike to the Boiling Lakes and spend a few days with the locals.

After some island-hopping between various islands of the Lesser Antilles you will reach Curaçao and head even further west. In Guna Yala, an autonomous region in eastern Panama, you will find paradise: blue waters, coral reefs, white beaches and palm trees. You will be set ashore a little further west and have to cross Panama on foot. The ship will wait for you in Bocas del Toro. Don’t be late!

After Bocas, the journey home will begin. For the first time in months, you will sail north and east towards Cuba. You will experience this unique country yourself as you travel the country in a small group of students. Bermuda is next, and you will never experience two countries more different than those last two.

From Bermuda, you will cross the ocean once more and reach the Azores. You will have re-entered the European Union, even though you’re on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  On Faial, you will prepare for the final stretch back to mainland Europe, where you will arrive mid-April.